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Access Control System

Access Control System

ITVCPL is having vast experience in Access Control System and its controlling the first point of access to any assets or facility is of prime importance. Our access control system is fully functioned and is inbuilt such, that it meets the most stringent security requirements. Our systems provide encryption and authentication, which enables tamper-proof communications between end user and control panel. Based on the Stand alone system incorporate of finger, RFID & Face Recognition system.

We are offering a comprehensive range of solutions for Access Control system

Stand Alone System: These systems do not require PC and are capable of making independent decision for granting access to a secured zone. Also this device recording the in and out punch data of each recorded users.

Network-able on : based on the network enabled access control System for small and medium size business. Access Control Software is enabled to control a network of readers and the controlling system is installed in the premises for tracking and monitor individual movements and on any of the situation alarm condition also can be monitored. Also this system allow the authenticate users as per the recorded system.

Enterprise class Systems for multiusers and multi locations: These systems in addition to being network-able, provides option for multi – location (geographically distributed) deployment and control.

Solution for Entry / Exit control: Our Access Control Solutions are enabled to control the Entry and Exit Points with Barrier Automation. Also this can be integrated with all types of access control barriers like Turnstiles, Boom Barriers and access control locks.