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ANPR Solutions

ITVCPL giving solutions for Automatic Number Plate Recognition System. With the help of this Advanced ANPR system allow us to identifying and capturing on the move vehicle's number plate and also the system transfer the real-time data of entry/exit points to the database.

Our ANPR Solutions are on latest pattern recognition, image processing and very unique feature of artificial aptitude techniques. Our ANPR System operates through built-in proprietary algorithms to detect the vehicle number plate in any language and any style along with the Driver's face Captured in moving vehicle.

  • Identifying and read the license plates automatically with the use of modern technique of identification, image processing and very unique feature of artificial aptitude techniques
  • On any speed of the vehicle it's captured the numbers.
  • Without stopping leading to speedy vehicles throughput even during the traffic hours.
  • ANPR is captured accurate detection for various number plates.
  • While detecting the number plate, simultaneously its process OCR into the software.
  • Our coding is Open system architecture, also its merge with third party applications.
  • Communicate real-time data of entry /exit of the vehicle to the database.
  • This system also captured the driver face and this application give boost to more security.
  • This system having inbuilt feature of generating ticketing for parking and toll.
  • Our source code merges very smoothly with third party applications. Which makes the system easily interact with other access control devices like boom barriers, smart cards, RF Cards, etc.
  • Through the database of Theft and marked Vehicles, system also generate the Alarms/ Alerts if the real time number plate matches with these theft vehicles database.
  • Our ANPR Solutions would be useful for following applications :-
    • Parking & Toll Management Solutions.
    • Road security and monitoring system for vehicles.
    • Traffic and Parking flow surveys.
    • Vehicle monitoring at toll booths.