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Cloud and Android based Smart Display

The Cloud and Android based Smart Display Box is an innovative product for Smart display. Built on Android with dual core processor, its powered By iSmart display unique cloud based application delivery platform.

It's a very enjoyable with TV Contents, games, movies, music and many more.

Great Selection: iSmart display's cloud technology create a Great selection of TV episodes, movies, thousands of songs and many more. Content is Auto Updated via iSmart display Cloud.

Small box with Vastspecs:This small box with vast specification bringing to life the best of the internet on your HDTV. And its make your normal LED TV user friendly with Internet Entertainment, Web Access, and Android Apps – all in one place. And it comes with a remote control and wireless mouse.

Easy to use : As this iSmart Display Box is coming with Remote Control and Wireless Mouse, and with Vast specification with various connectivity which is easy to setup and easy to convert your normal LCD Screen to Smart Screen. With wireless mouse, remote control and HD Camera with highly clear voice mic allow you to use Video calling app like skype and other video calling App.

Kids Content& Great for gaming / Apps :iSmart display smart TV has content specifically for kids.Access the Google play store and download popular apps and games.

iSmart display Box enable your normal TV to Web entertainment. You can Enjoy Movies, TV Shows, Music videos and more all at your fingertips.

iSmart Display Box is Easy to use with the Point and Click on TV Browser or browse any site as per your wish or you can use any of your android based app for Web Browsing.

iSmart Display Box can Connect with friends and family and share photos and messages via Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter and E-mail services.

iSmart Display box also enable access to Google Play store to explore and Download your favorite Android Apps and Games.

As this iSmartDisply box allowing easy access to internet and google play store, and its also enable watch Nursery Rhymes and Alphabet Songs or also take online interactive Courses. Access to Wikipedia, thousands videos to acquire new skills and knowledgeits available on your fingertips.

Inside the Box having media Player facility which is enable to Play photos, videos, movies and also its enable to play and store on your USB hard drive or USB key drive.

You can use inbuilt feature of Email application, create reports, documents, presentation with Google Docs, and do a whole lot more. And you can operate with onscreen touch base keypad.