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Wireless Home Automation System

Wireless Home Automation System

Home automation system is a part of intelligent building management system, also specializing in the specific requirement of Automation of private home, bunglows, villas and apartment etc. and in the application of automation technology for the comfort, security and saving and safety of its own residents.

In home automation system there are lot many modules are used such as lights automation, home climate control and monitoring, doors & curtain's automation and also its include the Security system like intrusion alarm system and Surveillance System also. Apart of all the mentioned modules, there are additional modules also available like Home Entertaining multimedia concept like home theater system. Automatic plant watering, lights and climate Curtains Automation settings as per the moods and this whole concept is design with very user friendly home automation mobile app.

ITVCPL is Presenting iSmart Home Automation system. This iSmart home automation system is completely wireless system. Our iSmart home automation system is integrated with interior ready home without doing additional wire work.

ITVCPL Covers the modules of iSmart Home Automation as below.

  • Control Automation
  • Secure Automation
  • Energy Automation
  • Entertainment Automation
  • Alert Automation
  • Surveillance Automation