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intercom system

Intercom System

Intercom System is voice communication between security gate and Flats and between flat to flat. Society Intercom System designed to make home users of multi apartment's life better and to make feel them safe.

Inter flat Intercom System is having inbuilt feature of Caller ID. With the caller ID telephone you can identify who is calling, even before picking up the incoming call.

Advanced Hotline : once the any single number(Security Cabin)is configured in the Intercom system. Flat users can pick up the receiver and wait for a second and its connect the single advance hotline number i.e. Security Cabin.

Auto Call Back: Suppose the desired extension you are trying to call and if it's busy, you do not have to keep dialing it again and again. Once The busy extension free, it will ring back as soon as it becomes free.

Call Forwarding : If you are visiting out or may be some other flat, all your incoming calls of the same extension can be diverted to the forwarded extension thereby ensuring that you do not miss out on important calls.

Super Conferencing : with this features Committee members can have teleconferencing of unlimited extension numbers.

Flexible Numbering : Extension numbers can be given as flat numbers etc. No need to memorize the extension numbers.

Report Printing: we can connect the printer to the serial port of Intercom System and we can print all call incoming and outgoing calls, Flat's Intercom Extension number wise with exact date & time.