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ITVCPL presenting ranges of Information Kiosks are designed sleek and aesthetically. The self-service information kiosks allow the users to get information on products, offerings, promos and schemes.

These kiosk are designed and made for the usage of touch screen based application like multimedia supported with text, informative graphics, Digital and high resolution animations, photographs, videos, multilingual voice over and back ground music and very attractive screen layouts makes them user-friendly in operation.

Kiosks provide detailed information about the products and services offered by the retail company. Kiosks are readily hands on by customers on an as when required basis, Customer can finds the consumers find it very suitable to visit a kiosk for inquiries such as product pricing, availability, and feature comparison. With the help of kiosks its help to customer to save time and allow consumers to build their confidence that the company is integrated their product and services with the latest technologies to improve the customer experience and satisfaction.

By adding kiosks at strategic locations, a retailer can reach more customers without a huge investment in additional branding cost. This approach helps retailers to extend their revenue opportunities by expanding the customer base which also extend the potential to sell more products.

While using of retail kiosk strategy by a Company is able to showcase more services at a lowest cost, Because information kiosks can give the answers to many of buying queries raised by the customer at the time of decision to buy the product and service, In addition, as its providing proper response towards the queries raised by customer, a retailer can also minimized the cost of Managerial resources as fewer total employees require less total management.

In addition to streamlining the general consumer experience, interactive kiosks are very expandable and offer the ability to streamline many of the other aspects of the retail business that typically require human interaction. These applications include, accepting job applications, processing credit applications, managing gift registries, and purchasing gift cards, to name a few. As mentioned above, by providing these services through an on-demand electronic interface, the consumer is able to accomplish multiple tasks in a single multi-function kiosk, which provides for a highly efficient user experience and high customer satisfaction.

Because retail kiosks can handle many of the customer inquiries that are not directly related to sales, the retailer's employees will be able to focus more of their efforts on increasing sales, which will generate more revenue for both the store and the sales associate. This increase in revenue will boost employee morale as employees will typically see an improvement in the company bottom line reflected in their own increase in compensation. In addition, retailers can utilize kiosks for their internal human resource needs, which provide a very efficient user experience for employees as they manage their benefits packages and stay current on the latest HR policies. The use of a retail kiosk can be the key to generating increased revenue, improving brand loyalty, enhancing the customer buying experience, and improving employee loyalty. These kiosks can be a very cost-effective method to expedite the growth of any retail establishment.