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Maintainance Service

Whether the product supplied by us or any other party, our team reviews the support requirement SS of your infrastructure and a contract regarding AMC with you is put forth for specified time of 1/2/3 years with committed SLA. During the AMC contract our engineering staff made available on event basis to maintain maximum uptime.

  • Some of the customers do expect a better uptime considering the business critical applications. Some of the customers face the challenges of human resources like recruitment, leave, attrition of employees etc.; in that case the immediate availability of manpower is made possible by ITV FM services on demand.
  • ITV's SS division has noted the need of Project Management and developed the required project management skill-set. SS Division has strongly support Project Management Office consisting of Project team leaders, Project Team Members, Program Manager & Project Manager, for the smooth and timely execution of project SS.
  • Auditing provides an efficient and affordable mechanism to find out the concerns around Network, Security, Configuration and Control, which restrain many organizations from achieving greater savings and particularly the purchase of on demand (cloud) services for production computing.
  • As organizations move ahead with their virtualization programs, they need to understand the security and audit implications in the layers and features presented by virtual machine farms, and their VMMs (Virtual Machine Managers). The benefit of auditing in the virtual world is that virtual server farms are then more centralized and therefore more easily managed.
  • Ultimately, ITV team is always in coordination with your IT staffs continually assesses the audit/risk areas introduced by virtualization.
  • You might be required to audit your IT infrastructure once a year, maybe twice. This frequency might be sufficient in a well-run physical IT environment. However, in a virtual environment with faster provisioning, but also with less visibility, less segregation of duties the frequency must be much greater. The good news is that the virtual environment lends itself to more frequent configuration checks.