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Door Frame Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors are mostly used only for security purpose at the security checkpoint. And this concept is coming up with two type's likewise handheld metal detector (HHMD) and Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD)

Door Frame Metal Detector is developed to detect both ferrous and nonferrous metals concealed on a person in any conceivable manner.

This metal detector is d├ęcor very classy and which controlled through search coils installed in the frame. Its buzz and siren if metal found with person passed through the Door Frame Metal Detector.

  • Once the metal detector is on there is no need to set the calibration and other related setting. Its caliber and set automatically.
  • Audio & Visual alarm on metal detection.
  • Door Frame Detectors are Detects weapons, ferrous & non-ferrous metals, conductive metal alloys & ferrite
  • Plug in type PCB for ease of maintenance
  • Side Panel & control unit are detachable for ease of transportation
  • Metal Detector Frame made of tropicalized teak wood , Plywood & Sun mica pasted on it
  • Infrared Sensor for counting the traffic (optional)