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On Demand Audio & Video

ITVCPL is presenting Audio Video on Demand is the concept through the systems and media which allow users to select and watch/listen to video, selected stations of radio and any of the video content on demand through the Media Server. IPTV technology is often used to bring video on demand to TV and Computers via network through the in house Media Server or from the Cloud Storage.

Streaming the videos or Webcasting the same has been not taking into considerationand implementing to businesses for a long time due to its high cost. But as technology develops, ITVCPL uses it to minimize marketing costs.

Based on the same ITVCPL is able to offer streaming and webcasting solutions for:

  • On-demand Audio and Video
  • Long distance Live and recorded Event
  • Live or On-Demand Television

Audio Video on Demand systems are stream the content through a set top box, Media Server or any other media storage device, and through this devices its allowing viewing in real time, or download it to a storage device such as a Media Server or portable media Player for viewing at any time. The majority IPTV providers offer both VOD streaming, including Pay per View and free content, whereby a user buys or selects a movie or recorded TV Serials and it begins to play on the television set almost instantaneously, or downloading to a DVR rented from the provider, or downloaded onto a pc, for viewing in the future.

  • Events broadcasting
  • Conferences & Corporate meetings
  • Internet TV Channels
  • Corporate Conference Meetings
  • Audio Visual and music Website Sites and presentations
  • Internet And IP Based TV stations
  • Payable Video Sites
  • Private live events & audio/video streaming applications
  • Conference & Corporate Meetings
  • Private live events & audio/video streaming applications
  • One Day Services