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Solar Energy Management

Solar Energy Management

Solar Inverter generate power form the solar rays coming to the Earths surface. The amount of power generated is equivalent to the number of Solar Panels installed with the system. These panels could be mounted on the roof tops of your homes or also on the ground. The whole system revolves around the Solar Charge Controller & the inverter. The life of the batteries is typically 6 years.

The Solar Controller is a very intelligent device which does not allow the battery bank to get over charged nor does it allow the battery bank to get under charged. When the batteries are fully charged it diverts the excess generated power to a Dump Load thereby saving the battery from over charging & increasing the life of the battery.

Solar Street Light Typical Solar Street Light Installation with the Solar Panel facing South direction & the LED Light facing the area to be illuminated, with the Powder Coated Battery Box. The LED light is atmospherically sealed & Rain, Heat or Cold does not effect it.

These are automatic dusk to dawn operational LED or CFL street lights mounted on Galvanized poles to avoid corrosion. The battery box is also powder coated for a longer life. The solar charge controller is designed in such a way that it doesn't allow the battery to get over charged or under charged so that the life of the battery increases drastically.

Solar Water Heaters These come in 2 forms one is FPC i.e Flat Plate Collector, these are very strong & have a very good life span of about 20 to 25 years & the other variety is ETC i.e Evacuated Tube Collector, these are glass exposed tubes & are fragile in nature & are delicate.In general solar water heaters take the heat from Sun & transfer it to the water which is then stored in highly insulated tanks for utilization next morning.