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Video Door Phone Video Door Phone Video Door Phone Video Door Phone

Video Door Phone

Video door phone include with an indoor unit with a classic display and an outdoor unit is having in built microphone and High Resolution camera to recognize and communicate with the visitor without opening the door.

The inside monitor display the home user automatically get the gets automatically activated on a Door bell ring. And the out sider's face & image is captured instantly.

This intelligent Video Door Phone system is use to have undercover monitoring of the camera location, and its provide proper image of the outsider even at night too.

This intelligent Video Door Phone is includesfeatures of two-way audio communication and this feature allows home user to have identification conversation with the outside visitor without having to open the door.

Outdoor unit's casing is very rugged which protects the camera against tampering; also the complete system's overall appearance is having an extremely elegant look.

  • Rugged Outdoor unit with IR Night Vision Camera and Microphone.
  • Inside unit is having Touch Screen Elegant Display with Microphone & Speaker with hands free.
  • Two-way Audio Communication.
  • Undercover Monitoring System with capturing the outsider's Image.