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Wifi Mesh Solutions

A Mesh Wi-Fi network solution is providing a multi-path, multi-hop wireless LAN/WAN infrastructure which get the coverage where physical wiring is impossible or it's costly. And the line of sight connectivity is the major issue.

Mesh Wi-Fi Solutions can use for Campus Wi-Fi, Building Wi-Fi and Township Wi-Fi solutions also.

Mesh Network

Expandable/ Flexible Wireless Network
Just like base station for cellular phone, mesh network implement the technology to add, expand the wireless coverage with simply turn on a new node, the mesh AP.

Co-work, compatible with 11g/11a Wireless Network
Using the 802.11b/g, 2.4GHz ISM and/or 802.11a 5GHz, Alcon mesh AP can work with any existing WiFi system, including notebook with Centrino, WiFi phone and any other devices that using 802.11b/g technology.

Mesh Network solutions provides

  • Security
  • Scalability & Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Efficient & Cost effective

A Mesh network provides a multi-path, multi-hop wireless LAN/WAN infrastructure

  • Coverage where wiring is impossible or costly
  • Overcomes line-of-sight issues
  • Self-forming for rapid deployment
  • Self-healing for reliability
  • Multi-radio, multi-frequency system for capacity
  • Intelligently routes traffic from node to node
  • Optimized for broadcast quality data & voice
  • Full mobility supported

  • Up to four radios in a single Base
  • 2.4 GHz for Wi-Fi access
  • 5 GHz for backhaul, routed links , Omni/Sector antennas for Wi-Fi access, Directional antennas for backhaul links
  • Avoids self-interference
  • Long-range between routers, up to 6 miles, Super A/G' increases capacity up to 70Mbps